7 Day Eyebrow Tattoo
7 Day Eyebrow Tattoo
7 Day Eyebrow Tattoo
7 Day Eyebrow Tattoo

7 Day Eyebrow Tattoo

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#1 Trending Eyebrow Pen Liner that lasts up to 7 days!

Our waterproof eyebrow tattoo pen lasts up to 7 days! The eyebrow pen liner is alcohol-free and waterproof. It will give you an elegant look and make you look great for all kinds of occasions.


  • After washing face, remove any water and oil before drawing your eyebrows meticulously.
  • Draw your eyebrows to your desired loil.
  • Recommend to use it 1-2 hours before bed.
  • 6 hours after applying it, it will stick to your eyebrows and color will develop naturally.
  • If needed, you might need to do some retouching after about 3-4 days (if it fades)
  • This item is dyed in stratum corneum and it is not easily erased by sweat, water. It will lasts 3-7 days once you draw your eyebrows after WASHING face.

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Customer Reviews

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Lasted 5 Days!

This doesn't last 7 days. To be honest, It lasts 5 days for me. But I rate it 5 stars because it is the absolute best thing for my eyebrows I have ever found. I have very thin eyebrows and I find the pointy brush tip perfect for adding some thickness without looking like I've drawn my eyebrows on. The dark brown colour is also a very good match for my eyebrows, which are very black.

Although this doesn't last for 7 days, I find it definitely lasts all day and doesn't come off until I wash my face at night. If I squint I can possibly see a slight shadow the next day, but I have to squint pretty hard. I don't mind it not lasting 7 days as the application is really quick and easy each morning.

At $12 a tube I think this is hard to beat. I've paid three times that for other eyebrow products which haven't been anywhere near as effective or easy to use.

Wow! Wow!

Wow!!!! This product is amazing and reasonably priced. Im so glad I purchased this after reading good reviews from MUA's. Ive tried many high priced brow shaper/enhancers and this one is better than all, due to ease of use and the look this pen gives.
I have good decent dark brows, so for me I just needed a few extra hair strokes and enhanced natural definition.
This pen has a super fine tip, which allows you to draw in soft hair strokes and gives eyebrows amazingly defined natural shaped look. Not 5* as doesn't last 7 days but would still repurchase for daily application.

makes my brows look great

This product is the best for eyebrows! It's pigment is not that dark that's why it's easy to apply on your brows. It doesn't really last 7 days though (unless you won't wash your face!) But definitely, it lasts the whole day. No retouch needed!

me gusta!!

both goods ordered arrived correctly. Thank you very much - me encanta tambien la mascara para los pies! Gracias!!